Audible with Andrea…

…When He Was Wicked by Julia Quinn

I ventured into Francesca’s world in this book. I have always been a bit curious about her and her story since I started the series. We don’t know much about her. She always seemed a little on the outskirts of the story. Overall I enjoyed spending time in her world. I was thinking the one thing I didn’t like was the premise you can change a man with just love, because you can’t (we all learn that the hard way). But Michael wasn’t really bad – just put on the facade of it to protect himself and I completely understand that. Of all the Bridgerton siblings, Francesca faces the most challenges I think. Heartbreak of a too soon death of a husband she loved and wrestling with the guilt that comes with moving on from that. Especially since she didn’t expect to find love again. It seemed relatable somehow. I am not really sure how – but it’s the best description I could come up with. As I get through this series and they way love is described, I can’t help but wonder if it really feels like that? The burning passionate feeling of not being able to live without the other person. If it is, I don’t think I have ever felt that – not sure I will or I am capable of it. I hope so. I also wonder if it’s a Victorian version of love that doesn’t exist today. Or just the stuff of fantasy. Who knows? I certainly don’t. I am halfway through Gregory’s story. I usually try to write these sooner so I don’t muddle the feeling and reaction to them but I just haven’t had the time.

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