Can a ‘Friends with Benefits’ Situation…

…really work?

In my mind it is like polyamory – on paper it makes sense. In practice – doesn’t always work. The dude I went on the okay date with and I are considering this option. We felt there was a really good friend level connection and have chatted a bit. I have found myself missing sex quite a bit. This guy is cute, healthy and incredibly honest so I feel I can trust him to be a pallet cleanser, no pressure way to get back in the game. It all sounds great – but what if I catch the feels? I wouldn’t put it past me. Tricky…very tricky. I can’t just go months and months without sex again. I went four years once until I found someone I wanted to try a relationship with and it sucked. I can’t do that again. So on paper seems like a good option. Has anyone out there ever had a FWB situation that was good for them? I wanna hear about it!

Feels like the final nail in the coffin of my last relationship. Maybe that is why I am reluctant. Although it’s pretty clear that’s totally over. So why hold back?

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