Trying A New Gyno…

…and I am a little worried.

No doctors ever take me seriously when I tell them I have PCOS. They are just like yeah sure sure. Then run in and out as quickly as possible without hearing a word I say to them. I know I am a little over weight atm and as soon as they see that my credibility as a woman, person or PCOS having person is gone. Well your obviously just a fat pig and I can’t change that. It’s genuinely how it feels. I know I need to eat better and I am working on it. But I would also like to not grow a mustache I wax off constantly and have my weight distributed properly. I would like a method of birth control that doesn’t make me feel crazy. But most of all I want someone who will listen to me. But if experience has taught me anything, it will be another in and our ya ya ya ya live with it appointment. Not really looking forward to it.


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