Audible with Andrea…

…On the Way to the Wedding by Julia Quinn.

The Bridgerton series kick continues! I may have a break before Hyacinth’s book though. Sort of like it took me 3 weeks to watch the last few episodes of Schitt’s Creek. Not quite ready for it to be over. This book was trip into Gregory’s world. I believe this is my favorite of the series so far. There was more action and excitement which was nice. Like in the Viscount Who Loved Me it was about a love that grew with time familiarity. I can totally relate to Lucy. I wasn’t the prettiest girl (or woman now) in my friend group. I was often the ‘way in’ to my more attractive friends. I wasn’t ugly nor am I now, my friends are just really pretty. I loved the friendship between Lucy and Hermione. That was refreshing. I also loved that most of the characters first loves were more infatuations. They realized it wasn’t love based on anything other then first impressions with some lust mixed in. I also liked that one of the characters was gay and not afraid or ashamed to admit it (as much as a could for the time frame of the story anyway). The theme of Gregory not wanting to ask for help from his older siblings was relatable too. If he could do it on his own, he would always chose that path. But when push came to shove he wasn’t afraid to ask for help from his family, which they were very happy to give. I enjoyed Gregory as character a lot too. He is smart, funny and a little lost. He knew he was and he was mostly okay with finding his way. I have been loving the second epilogue in all the books too. I enjoy getting a glimpse into the characters futures. This was one I finished pretty quickly because I got sucked in (not true of all of them) which is my tell of a good book. Getting lost in their world for awhile is always a nice relief from the stresses of life.

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