Trying a New Form Of…

…Birth Control.

If you have PCOS or just struggle with imbalanced hormones, you know that finding the right balance with birth control is a hard game to play. After 20+ years of taking a birth control pill it start making me feel horrible so I have switched to the patch. I need the birth control with the hormones to balance my imbalance. I have only had it on for a day so nothing to report yet other then I am excited to see if it works better for me. I hope it helps redistribute my weight properly an stops some of the increased facial hair since going off the pill. The overall appointment with the new health care provider was good. She took the time to listen to me and answer my questions. She didn’t run in and run out. The office made sure to get my medical records transferred. I do get to have another super fun internal ultrasound to ensure my fibroids haven’t gotten a lot worse. Looking forward to that (can you sense the sarcasm). It’s not horrible but it’s definitely not fun. That’s the update for now. I will keep you posted my PCOS peeps.

I did have to wait roughly 4 months for an appointment with anyone. So ladies schedule those wellness exams and get your pap done!


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