Done Dating…

…for awhile.

I think I jumped back into dating too quickly after my relationship ended. I feel completely overwhelmed by it (and by the poor quality of people). Despite approaching spinster age in most peoples opinions, I don’t want to date for awhile. I just want to be me – work, play with Marty and hang out with my friends. That sounds pretty good to me. I am done pressuring myself to find a partner because I am in my late 30’s and trying to force myself into doing things I don’t want to do and I am not ready for. Bring on the spinsterhood bitch. I’m down.

Would not being in a relationship be the worst thing could happen? Is that all life is about. I wont let my life be all about that or the pursuit of that. If it happens – awesome. If it doesn’t – I am still a worthwhile person with value. We need to stop treating single people like they are somehow less. I know I have had my fill of it. Even the people who don’t mean to do it kind of do. That’s almost worse hahaha

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