Audible with Andrea…

…Park Avenue Summer by Renee Rosen.

I enjoyed this read and trip back in time to 1965 New York City and getting glimpse of a revolution. That revolution being for women’s sexuality through Cosmopolitan Magazine. I will say one of the things I enjoyed most was the notes from the author at the end. It addresses how Helen Gurley Brown revolutionized the magazine and made it an important publication for the ‘modern’ woman, but also addresses her short comings later in life with the AIDS crisis and condoning sexual harassment in the work place as a compliment. She celebrates this person without being bling to who they are or what they have done that wasn’t so great either. She mentions who was real and who wasn’t and what was embellished for the story. Really cool insight. But HGB’s confidence and courage still shines in the book through the eyes of her secretary, Alice. I too enjoyed Alice’s narrative of following her mother’s dream of living and loving in New York City. Christopher is a great character and I really enjoy that at the end of the book they aren’t together but you learn in the epilogue that it took time and effort but they found their way to each other romantically and worked hard to stay that way. I liked Eric’s character as well and that Alice learned more about herself through their sort of relationship. I enjoyed her working hard to pursue her dreams of being a photographer and encouraged Trudy to follow her ‘happy pill’ career as well. Also, the juxtaposition of HGB’s stance compared to feminists of the time. It wasn’t a central story line and more mentioned but it got me thinking for sure which is always cool. Overall a wonderful escape to another place and time which is all I really ask from a book. It felt a lot like The Devil Wear’s Prada.

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