Some People Just Get Under Your Skin…

…and stay there.

It is a line from Sex and the City that has always just kind of stuck with me. It never really meant much to me until I met the guy that got under my skin and has stayed there. Do you think there is a reason why you just can’t let go of some people (like Carrie and Big)? Carrie and Big are never who I wanted to model my love life after but it seems to be happening that way (where is my Aiden eh?). Some people you just can’t seem to let go of and are always in your orbit…because you both make sure you are in each others orbit. BUT if you are doing that – what does that mean? There are others you let go of because it’s best for you and it’s not a huge problem. They just leave your life and you leave theirs. But the person you can’t seem to do that with….does that mean you’re meant to be with them? Does it mean you just have issue letting go? Is it codependency? I really don’t know and figuring it out is hard and confusing. If everyone in your life is telling you it’s not a good thing for you does that mean they are right? Probably. I just don’t know.

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