Anxiety Increases Chances of Long COVID…

…yep that checks out.

I saw an article today about the link between anxiety and long COVID and how having anxiety increases your chances of getting long COVID. Well at least that makes sense – in my case anyway. I suppose it’s better then them just shrugging and saying who knows. Add that to the list of problems with having anxiety. I put on the many articles about it below for you to read if you like. I ate a salad (one I have had before and know I enjoy) and it tasted like sour dirt. Seriously I could name the taste to a T. Have I eaten dirt before? Not on purpose but I would swear to you that is exactly what it tasted like. The psychological game of Russian roulette on what is going to taste okay and what will be awful (it changes all the time) is starting to get to me. I think my long COVID is kind of mild so I can’t imagine those that have it worse. It messes with your head man. I am telling you. I am absolutely spent by 3:00 pm. Exhausted, can’t think and feel mostly sick – although the sick symptoms change. Yesterday it was naseau and headache – the day before that muscle aches and fatigue. I really hope it ends soon. If I get COVID again will wipe away the long COVID. I will make that bargain if someone can prove it’s the case. This shit is horrible. For anyone who has been suffering with a chronic illness for most of their lives – I have no idea how you do it and deserve an award.


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