Because Long Covid Wasn’t Enough…

…my back muscles completely seized up yesterday.

I had an achey back when I went to bed on Saturday night. Normal with the long COVID. I woke up Sunday morning mostly unable to move. My lower half was fine but had to move my upper half as one unit and very slowly. My whole upper back/neck area had completely seized. It felt (feels) like a metal rod had been shoved down my spine and along scapula’s. 3 IB Profen didn’t put a dent in it. Didn’t even take the edge off. It’s a little better today but still hurts quite a bit. Did get some of my mobility back. This has happened to me before. It’s usually stress an constant tightening of my muscles. Been awhile since it’s been this bad – like over a decade. Or maybe I am just old now and need to accept that fate hahahaha Either way I am going to sit under a hot shower for a minute then lay on my heating pad all night. Later!


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