The School of Good and Evil Was…


Seriously – it has been awhile since I liked a movie this much. I thought it was fun, deep and cool to watch. I even went so far as to write down a quote from it I thought was especially striking. “Only the best evil can disguise itself as good” and it just hit me so hard that that is SOOO freaking true. It took fairy tales to a dark but relatable place. I think I would do better int he school for evil – at least it’s honest. “Good has become vain” so true too. The message that the world isn’t black and white or good a evil is a great lesson. Everyone is just human and we have a little bit of both. I love that the ‘beauty’ teacher was like “I used to teach magical history – you think I like teaching people how to smile?!” It was just so clever. Two thumbs up from this witch. Can’t wait for the sequel which is very obviously coming. Go watch it on Netflix.


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