Yanno Who Gets The Shaft The Most in ‘Handmaids Tale…’


Spoiler warning

More on that in a bit. First a revisit of my Luke Vs. Nick. Luke has grown on me this season but I’m still wholeheartedly team Nick. I won’t say this about much in this show but damn where is my Nick. Ultimately, he puts June first no matter what it costs because he loves he. He can’t even help it. He tells his wife (who I think he does love but isn’t in love with because that spot was taken) that he tries then changed it to I tried when asked why he can’t not love June. His wife is smart to walk away knowing she deserves love like he loves June. She won’t find it in Gilead but good for her anyway. This is one of their most romantic episodes and they don’t even talk to each other! They just love each other so much that no matter how much they try they can’t not and can’t fully let each other go. Its beauty in an ugly situation.

Does that mean she doesn’t love Luke? Not at all. And why not, he’s a good man. My heart when thump for him when he told June to take care their daughter (who is Nicks daughter). He loves her no matter what, just like Hannah. He does ultimately sacrifice himself for June and Nichole (like he couldn’t do for her and Hannah). Ultimately though I think her future is entwined with Nicks. I love that Nick inquired after Luke too when he went to visit June. I think they have a mutual respect and understanding, which is nice. I also really think Nick loves Rose. It’s just not enough I suppose.

Which brings us back to poor freaking Janine. I think she is going to be the head of the revolution from within and her story is far from over, but damn that woman gets the shaft over and over again. I’m so ready for her to kick some ass.

Does anyone else think Mark is Noah’s father? Serious vibes on his end. Who else would have gotten them onto the train? also explains his empathy (and manipulation) of Nick and his missing Nichole’s life.

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