Donate to Forgotten Angels…

…through the Salvation Army.

When I was younger, me and my Dad (my Mom sometimes too) would do a volunteer day during the Holiday Season at the Salvation Army. I was a present runner and my dad loaded the present and boxes of food into cars. It was pretty fun but also sad. Sometimes, people would come to pick up presents for their kids and turns out no one had picked them off one the trees in the mall. In that case, you would go over to the generic age bins and pick something for them (closest match to what they wanted). Then you would go pick them out an outfit. One day I saw a whole freaking box of forgotten angels! It made me so sad. Now you can donate from a wish list of gifts for these forgotten angels. You don’t even need to go shopping! You can order it online (Walmart is the only option which is my favorite but whatever it doesn’t matter). Walmart also gives a small discount on your donation/gift purchase, which is great. You can go to the Salvation Army website and pick your region (or any region) and go to their wish list and buy a few things for the forgotten angels. Here is the link for SoCal ( I just bought a few things and got in and out for under $35 with no hassle. I hope the kid that get them enjoys what I picked out. I encourage you to help out today. I know Salvation Army isn’t everyone’s favorite – there are several places to make a similar donation. Do what you can! No $ No problem. Go volunteer for a day. I promise you will feel better for it. It’s a memory I cherish and think of every single year.


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