To All the Retail, Bakery, Costco, Whole Foods Employees Working This Week…

…I wish you all well and hope for kind and patient customers for you.

I picked up my pre-made Thanksgiving meal from Whole Foods this morning and it got me thinking about picking that same meal up in Orange County. Today’s experience was much better, but in 2018 I went to pick my meal up in Laguna Niguel and the poor people working this pick up system were being verbally abused. People were yelling at them and rushing them and generally just being horrible. I got to the front of the line and thanked them and told them I was in no rush and they could get all the meals for others they needed to first. I apologized for all the horrible people as well. You know who got their food first? Me. You need to be kind to people (especially people that handle your food). They don’t make enough money to deal with you being a total jerk to them for things that aren’t heir fault. They can’t help being overwhelmed by a billion lazy customers like me who don’t want to make their own dinner. It’s part of the price you pay for the convenience. Also, Whole Foods is a big store where you can shop and look at pretty pasteries while you wait. So pick up a smoothie and be kind and patient while shopping this holiday week/weekend.

Costco employees bake like 1000+ pies per day this week to keep up with demand and offer you yummy pies at an affordable price. They work hard and are probably so sick of looking at pies and smelling pies – they probably dream of pies. Be kind.

You know why you need to be kind to retail workers this weekend. It’s a rough time to work retail with all the crazy bargain hunters like myself. They are working at max capacity so just offer a thank you and a kind word. It’s free to do so and it might make their stressful day a little better.

A little kindness goes a long way folks…Just saying.


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