Audible With Andrea…

…The last in the Bridgerton Series.

Honestly, I am glad this is my last in this series. I loved it, don’t get me wrong but I am bit a bored with it. It’s become rather predictable (and I expected Hyacinth’s book to more unpredictable given her character). I finished this book awhile back and just didn’t get around to writing this so I am a little fuzzy on the details – like her love interests name – how horrible is that of me? But I suppose that is how memorable he was. The Bridgertons seem to keep finding these woes to me members (or close to members) of the richy rich class and rescuing them from their social mediocrity. This book follows much the same story as the others. There was nothing new or exciting about it. I tire of the over described sex scenes that end in the women begging for it. Maybe I am being too harsh because I listened to them all in a row. probably should have mixed it up rather then binge the whole thing.

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