The More I Live…

…the more I realize I don’t quite fit anywhere.

I am not sure the world knows what to do with me. I am sure most people don’t know what to do with me because I don’t check traditional boxes for how life should be lived. I was making some photo presents (I love photo presents) and looking all these families and noticing I am only an orbiting member of any of them. My nuclear family have mostly replaced me with their own (I don’t mean that negative for harsh or mean – it just is). I am a single and childless 37 year old woman and honestly I wouldn’t change it if I could. Meaning I wouldn’t change my life choices so far – my life has been awesome and full of adventure. I never wanted to get trapped within a ten mile radius of where I grew up – that was my nightmare. I realize it’s a dream for others and that’s cool. I do want to get married one day – don’t know about kids. It’s just hard when I realize I don’t really have an immediate family anymore. It’s an adjustment to be sure. All my family members have pictures up int heir houses and I am really only a visible family member in my Dad’s house photo collection. I am no where to be found elsewhere. Why should I be? I am not considered a close member of those families therefore have a very low ranking on the photo front. Logically, all makes sense. Just stings a bit when I really think about it I suppose. But that’s life – it moves on and evolves. The evolution has just put me out of everyone’s close family and on adventures. Overall, I am pretty happy with my adventurous life. I do wish I still ranked high in some books (and photos displayed) though. Oh well. C’eist la vie.

This is also why I always send a photo Holiday card of my adventures. Why should I be left out?


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