I’m Pretty Consistently Worried…

…that’s I’m a bad person who is offending everyone and just don’t know it.

I’m pretty consistently worried I’m a bad person who goes around unknowingly making other people feel bad or that I’m somehow being offensive or something. I don’t ever want to make anyone feel that way but I’m also not ignorant enough to think I don’t make mistakes. I’m white and have never been a minority so I can’t really say what racism is to someone else. That’s drives me crazy because I don’t want to offend anyone and I try to be as educated and up to date as I can but I just worry most of the time. So I torture myself about the wrong things I say or convince myself I’ve said something wrong that I don’t remember and hurt someone. Then I play out all the possibilities of how I could apologize or get sued or some scenario I’ve made up in my brain. Isn’t anxiety fun y’all? I wish I could just live and wait for problems to occur before I torture myself about being a horrible ignorant jerk.

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