I Was Thinking About My First Memories…

…and came to two conclusions.

I was doing laundry and found my mind wandering to my first memories ever. Maybe because I just saw my nephew and wondered what his first memory would be. I have a tie for my first memory because I don’t know which one came first. They both happened in Sandy, UT in the first house I lived in. #1 I think I was being carried but either way I was headed down the stairs to our basement and turned my head to the left to see my brothers Superman slippers. I can clearly see those slippers in my mind. #2 Being left at home because my brother went to slip and slide and I wasn’t old enough. Completely reasonable but I was little and pissed hahahaha

What I noticed about these memories. Both pertain to my brother. Makes sense. He is the best brother ever and I have always, always though so. The second is more interesting because I am always on guard or sensitive to being left out. So much so, it’s one of my first core memories. Was I born with that insecurity? How would I have developed it by that time? Am I reading too much into it? I don’t know but I tend to think some personality traits are just we who are, and that one is one of mine. Always afraid of being left out. Who knows. Just what was on my mind.


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