My Stress Over Mistake…

…rooted itself in my body and manifested as physical symptoms.

I made a big mistake at work. I’ve been torturing myself since. Last night is manifested itself as severe stomach cramps and diarrhea. I lost 3 lbs over night. Yes I weighed myself. When I feel a bout coming on I get scientific about it lol. Still having the stomach cramps. Definitely my stomach and boy period type cramps. All my work people were very understanding and kind about my mistake. I’m the one torturing myself. I should have been better know better. I should have done more I should have listened more. All those thoughts are running circles in my mind and my guts apparently. I am my own worst enemy no matter how much I try not to be. First in making the mistake and second in killing myself with guilt and regret. And eating my feelings but worrying so much I lose weight. I’m a weirdo. A beautiful hot mess weirdo.


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