Audible with Andrea…

…A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

I killed this book in 2 days so suffice it say I enjoyed it. It is like Beauty and Beast meets vampire diaries. The Damon of the book made himself evident early on and I am into it. I know you are supposed to swoon over Tamlin but honestly he is kind of boring and predictable. Love Lucien too – he is pretty honest and straight forward about who he is. Enjoyed seeing the story through Feyre’s eyes as well. Loved the twist in the relationship with her sister Cresta and how she turned out to not be stuck up she just has a strong sense of who is she is and what she wants. Nothing wrong with that even if it clashes with Feyre sometimes. This story provided an escape for my mind when it really needed one. I am grateful for that. Even enjoyed the narrator. I haven’t totally decided on how I feel about Feyre. She doesn’t seem to have a lot of good sense of self preservation or anyone elses. She doesn’t read between the lines well into people trying to help her. She justifies the things she does for her survival, but can’t seem to extend others the same thought or courtesy which bothers me. Even when Rhystand is doing something that seems cruel, I think it’s in her best interested and to keep her alive. Oh I think he kind of enjoys it too but there seems to be greater purpose and depth to him. Just like there is more depth to Feyre then Tamlin sees or I assume will see when she is a different hearted person after her actions in the last book. There is more there for sure and all she sees is evil intention. She needs to look deeper and harder at those around her. I highly recommend and I am already two hours into the next one lol.


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