Audible with Andrea…

…A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas.

Well I blew right through that 22 hour book and am onto the next. I figured I should write this before it all blends together! Love the continuation of the series. Rhysand’s world is amazing, detailed, unexpected and complicated (ok it was expected – but unexpected to other characters lol). I love learning more about him and is life and story. He is as suave and seductive as ever – probably more so. The Night Court is way more interesting the the Spring Court and he is way more interesting then Tamlin. Although I still hold a soft spot for Lucien and hope he inevitably makes the right choice – especially after this book. I think he is good but acting out of loyalty to a friend who helped him when he needed it. I wont go into too much detail just because that would take a really long time. I loved the expanded characters of the Night Court and the twist at the end which I both didn’t and did see coming. Also, WOW could they make Tamlin any stupider? He needs Lucien to give him and hard and fast reality check. I am loving the series so far and will continue following these characters and their stores. The narrator changed for the 3rd book which is a bit annoying. I enjoy both narrators I just wish it had remained the same since I am devouring the book back to back. If I had listened as they were released I like wouldn’t have even noticed. The new narrator takes on the same inflections as the old for the character which I appreciate.


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