Valentine’s Day Is Coming Up…

…and it feels a little lonelier this year.

Valentine’s Day has been a day me and my family have tried to let pass for 22 years without a ton of ceremony. Easier that way. You see, my maternal Grandpa died on Valentines Day – 6 months after my maternal Grandmother. He couldn’t spend Valentine’s Day without his Valentine I suppose. But even all these years later it’s still the first thing that comes to mind. I think for all of us – but who knows. This year is my first single one in awhile and it feel lonelier and a bit more empty. Maybe I will buy myself some flowers. I will hold off on candy until February 15th when it all goes on sale hahaha. It’s stupid really. I feel stupid for letting it affect me slightly. But here we are and this blog is about honesty so I am writing it down. I suppose it brings me back to the school years that I wasn’t the pretty one and I watched all the pretty ones get roses and stuffed animals left on their seats in classes or sent through the stupid school flower delivery. Anyone else a little scared by that? Probably a little bit of all these things. Maybe it’s at the forefront because we are planning our trip to Salt Lake City for my cousins wedding and I finally get to put flowers on grandparents grave for the first time in probably a decade. And go to the Apollo burger by their house of course – gotta get me some fry sauce. Just feels like a lot in this moment. Oh well – this too shall pass.


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