I Will Spend the Last Six Months of 2019…

I realized today that there are only six months left in 2019 and so much left to do. As a native Phoenician, I am trained to fear and hate Summer and I found myself wishing it was Fall. That’s wishing three months away. Don’t get my wrong, Fall is still my jam, but I am not ready to trade those three months. So the next thought is what am I going to do with those three months and the three after that. I need to set some half year goals! This will help me check in with myself to ensure I am setting my own p(e)ace and change course when needed.

2019 half year goals:

  1. Put 3% of every paycheck into my savings account
  2. Workout three times a week instead of two – every week
  3. Perform at least three acts of kindness per week
  4. Run Halloween 5K in Spider Gwen gear (my dream is to be an athletic nerd)

These may change at my 3/4’s of the year check in but for now I think this a good start. Does anyone want to make some half year goals with me?