Seeing the World As It Is…

…when it comes to being male or female.

I found myself saying something at work today that was meant to be a pain the ass and make someone laugh (which it did) but was dead on. I wanted to put in on paper, so to speak, and get your opinions.

“There are certain advantages to being male and female in different situations. If you can’t recognize that then you aren’t seeing the world as it truly is.”

I believe this statement to inherently true. There are definitely situations I have been in and had an advantage or disadvantage as a woman. We all know for sure there are advantages to being a man. So where do we draw the line on equality based on sex? Do you even think it’s possible? It would be pretty hard to change that I get served before most men at a bar or that I feel the need to walk at night with my keys between my fingers in case I need to defend myself. I’ve never done it, but I could cry my way out of ticket easier then a man could (although an ex boyfriend cried when we got pulled over and he didn’t get a ticket so maybe it’s a bad and stereotypical example). A guy might get a better price or less recommended services at an auto shop. This goes back to my last post about JLO and Shakira being judged more harshly for their half time show because they are women. It all sucks. What do you think?