To All the Postal Workers…


For Black Friday I made a thank you post to retail workers. Now I want to thanks all USPS, Amazon drivers, FedEx, DHL and every other shipping company in existence. Thank you for bringing all my Christmas Cards that bring me so much comfort and joy. Thank you for making sure folks have as many presents and holiday greetings as possible by Christmas and any presents that come after will simply extend the holiday season. Thank you for working long and hard hours to deliver Christmas and all other holidays to people all over the world. Thank you for putting up with the less then kind people who are upset and stressed about presents arriving. Thanks for being awesome! Please know that you are seen an appreciated.

I Donated Blood Today and It Sounds Selfless…

…but I did it for a $5 amazon gift card.

What can I say? I’m poor. I do donate blood fairly often but today I did not do it for the greater good of humanity (but is a nice added bonus), I did it for the $5 amazon gift card they advertised as an incentive to donate. You next thought is likey, ‘well $5 isn’t much’ and you’re right. BUT when you add to your other side hustles, it’s the difference between being able to buy someone a Christmas gift or not. Again, sounds noble but it’s not. I truly enjoy giving people gifts and would feel terrible if I couldn’t buy someone a little gift for Christmas to show my love for them. So, I will find a way – even if it means being a pint of blood shorter. If it saves lives in the process – even better!

That being said, I am feeling a little tired so I am gonna grab a snack!

Yes, I Am That Bitch…

…with two full packs of Costco Charmin TP and I am not sorry.

CA got rolled back in the openings of business. I am afraid this will once again create mass panic and TP will be impossible to find again (along with paper towels and tissues which I also bought). I had a full pack at home. I am not sorry I bought it – nor do I consider myself a ‘panic buyer.’ I consider myself someone who saw people panic shopping and was worried I wouldn’t have any TP and didn’t want to be put in the position of worry again. Also, since I am getting taken back to little to no hours again I needed to buy it while I had the money in my account. I feel reassured that when push comes to shove I will be able to wipe my butt and I make no apologies for that. I also amazoned extra dog food because I am in charge of his life and want to ensure he is well fed too.

Sorry, not sorry. No shame in my toilet paper game.