Audible with Andrea…

…Incomparable by Brie and Nikki Bella (and a ghost writer I am sure).

Incomparable: Brie Bella, Nikki Bella: 9781797112848: Books

You all know I love the Bella twins so I was excited to have this next on my audible list. It had good and bad and wasn’t quite what I expected. I am really glad that they didn’t read the whole book themselves – they over acted the intro and ending. It felt acted and inauthentic, while as a whole the book felt very authentic. There were definitely parts that were pushing their message a little too hard – who are you trying to convince here? But overall, I enjoyed spending time in their world and hearing about their thoughts on female empowerment, facing your demons, and enjoying life. I can relate to Brie longing for independence while finding love and fighting between those two things within herself. I am haunted by Nikki’s two sexual assaults and admire her bravery for putting them out there. It just pushed a little too hard on ‘not playing the victim’ – yes we get it, did the first few times. But overall I agree that there ‘is enough beer at the party for everyone’ and that women should support and elevate other women. No regrets on listening to it!

Who am I to speak on not preaching about your message? I do it on here all the time.