A Lot of Inspiration Today…

…from my volunteers.

I was out with my volunteers in the Desert Garden today and so much of what they said in conversation stuck with me (along with a few cactus spines).

#1 “The Desert sure does reinforce that no touching rule well.”
It’s so true! The desert is truly beautiful but it’s also harsh. Almost every plant it out to get you and prick you. Let me tell you it’s not like it pricks you and it’s over. It’s meant to stick in you and make you pay for the intrusion. Do not take cacti lightly. I got lucky today and the spine pulled straight out but most of the time there are multiples hooked into you. Those plants know how to protect themselves from harm and hungry critters. Hot tip – the enzymes in a banana peel help pull them out of your skin (also whitens your teeth).

#2 We had a whole conversation about Backstreet Boys
This really just made me smile. Seems every generation has an opinion on BSB vs. NSYNC. BSB all day everyday.

#3 What is the bigger threat to us/Earth plastic or anything else?
We got to talking about plastic versus other threats to the planet. So much plastic is used mindlessly. They are finding microplastics in human blood. If you don’t think it’s affecting you, believe me it is. This led to other interesting topics like responsibly sourced meat vs not and eventually our thought on Sea World.

#4 Nature Documentaries

We discussed David Attenborough and nature documentaries and legitmacy. Particularly with Black Fish and Seaspiracy. This led to scare tactics vs creating allies.

Amazing day with my volunteers!