Today Is…

…International Museum Day!

You all have read about my love for museums before so this post will focus specifically on international museums I have visited and those I want to visit.

My BIG museum dream was to visit the British Museum (where almost nothing is actually British). I checked that off my bucket list in October 2018. It was amazing and illuminating. The British Museum is at the center of a lot of museum law (like repatriation) and theory and I knew it was an experience I needed. I spent a whole day wondering the museum and only saw a fraction of what is has to offer. Some rooms were super overwhelming and just put everything out on display as possible. I am personally not a fan of this as the visitor feels overwhelmed and lost in it, and I did. The Elgin Marble, Easter Island statue, and collection of nordic artifacts were highlights due to their coolness but the controversy that surrounds their placement in the British Museum.

I saw the Royal Mews, which I hadn’t intended to see at all but the friend I was traveling with wanted to see it and I am glad she did. It was cool to see the history in the carriages and get to sit in one or two. It was a glimpse into a part of life I never thought I would be a very small part of.

Coronation Carriage

The Churchill War Rooms were SO COOL. SO much history from a great and interesting historical figure and time. It really relates to the quarantine we are all going through now, except we aren’t trapped underground or leading a country at war. Also, no bombs above – but the confinement definitely relates to our current situation.

Lost that hat in that museum hahaha

Share your international museum experiences and dreams in the comments!