That 10 Minutes…

…means a lot to me.

On December 26 my brother and I went to get coffee at Dutch Bros and it was just us two. It was only like 10 minutes but it was really, really nice and I am grateful for that ten minutes. He has his own family now and a new close extended family so it’s nice to have some time with him. I am grateful for what he can spare for me. Sorry so short – just what I was thinking about at this moment and there isn’t much more to it then simple gratitude.

Oh Brother…

…you are my best friend!

My brother came to visit San Diego and I got to spend time hanging out with him. We went to the Midway Museum, The San Diego Maritime Museum, Rooftop Cinema, and a few restaurants.

I have written and rewritten this post a few times it never conveys quite what I want it to. My brother and I have a great relationship and it’s really important to me. Having these times supports that and I am grateful for them. I hope I am half as good a sister as he is a brother but I am afraid I fall short of the mark. So there are my thoughts on that without any flair or style – simply feelings.

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