That 10 Minutes…

…means a lot to me.

On December 26 my brother and I went to get coffee at Dutch Bros and it was just us two. It was only like 10 minutes but it was really, really nice and I am grateful for that ten minutes. He has his own family now and a new close extended family so it’s nice to have some time with him. I am grateful for what he can spare for me. Sorry so short – just what I was thinking about at this moment and there isn’t much more to it then simple gratitude.

I Have Been Dreaming About One Thing For Months…

…Dutch Bros Coffee-specifically an iced caramelizer.

Sorry if you were hoping for something deeper. This craving has gotten so bad I ordered zero calorie caramel cold brew. For someone who rarely remembers her dreams much after ten minutes post waking up, I find it odd that I can remember dreaming about this coffee almost every night. It’s so random and weird.

Do you think our dreams mean things or are they just a random selection from memories, cravings, and you mind? I am not sure. I always thought dream interpretation was fun but not serious. I’ve never dreamed about the same thing more then once (that I recall) until now.

The only other dream I remember and maybe more vividly as a nightmare I had as a child after visiting a haunted house – and I LOVE HALLOWEEN. But that dream stuck like glue. Does that say something about me? I am sure I had other nightmares but that’s the only one I can close my eyes and recall. It must mean something.

What are your thoughts on dreams?