Halloween Is Not a Time For…

…slut shaming.

I have heard so many times (and even said it a few times). Girls use Halloween to dress/be slutty. This is not cool. Slut shaming is never OK. Women, and people in general, should be able to wear what they want without slut shaming. This is especially true on Halloween – the night to play pretend and be something you can’t be on a daily basis – sometimes that thing is brave. Some of these costumes are pretty brave – if I was in better shape I would be rocking one. When I was younger, like 22, I DID! It was fun – wouldn’t change it. We all did. We had courage and the bodies for it. So why are so many now trying to shame these women for doing it now? People of all genders, identifiers, and all the rest of it – rock the costume you want the way you want. Do you and screw everyone else and their opinions.

Laci Green on Twitter: "disapprove of a woman in a "slutty" costume?  instead of calling her names, try respecting women this halloween.  http://t.co/btj9yv0WrY"

‘Mental Illness is Not A Costume…’

…but it could be in a positive way.

I saw this statement online and it got me thinking. What if I dressed up like my anxiety? What if I dressed like my anxiety personally feels to me. Would that help people understand it better and judge it less. What if we all did? What if we had a version of one Halloween or like October 30th where we all dress as something personal about us, with a stigma, to try to show people and educate people about it and remove stigmas?

What would you dress as?

In my mind my anxiety would be a repeat of my OCD (is the oven off? did I blow the candle out?) but only in even numbers because that’s a ritual for me. My hair and face would be perfect however to represent the face I put on to hide it. I would also wear two different shoes; a heel and a sneaker because I think it represents two people who live in us all. And an RBG necklace to show who I want to make proud with the rights she has helped provide to me and all of my generation.

Happy October…

…is the best time of the year!

And I am hoping it’s better then the rest of the year has been for the world. I am also excited to see the pandemic pun costumes people post this year. I just tried Marty’s Halloween costume on him – he is going to be a spider. He was not thrilled with it but also not too miserable. I also need to switch him to his glow int he dark Halloween collar. If you have just started reading my blog you should now I live Halloween (and fall right into NYE).

It’s also the time of Pumpkin everything which I love because I am basic bitch and damn proud. I will like what I like dangit! Also, my allergies are back to not terrible so hooray! October is wonderful and I hope it brings some magic into your world.

Do you love fall, pumpkin all, and all Hallows Eve? Speak out loud and proud with me!

This is Halloween…

…and why it’s so important to me.

If you know me you know I love Halloween and it is probably my favorite holiday season. I always jokingly say “It’s a day based on candy and pretend so what’s not to love?” That is super true but I love it for a lot of reasons. It’s no secret I like to have a little magic and imagination in my life (thus my love of all things Harry Potter). I grew up in a house where is was not only okay to have some magic in your life but encouraged. I dressed up and played pretend and made up stories. Getting lost in a book was a great day when I got to visit another world. Halloween is all about having a little magic in your life (I am not so much into the super scary side but appreciate those who are). The movies, books, and characters I love all come to life in one way or another on Halloween. It’s so fun to see everyone so light and happy and excited just to have fun. There is no pressure of gifts or obligations like other holidays. It’s there simply for fun.

You really get to see people’s creativity shine as well. Costumes can be beautiful, horrifying, bloody, or punny and I LOVE them all. I enjoy people seeing people express their interests and sense of humor through their costume. It’s a great way to see a different side of people who you don’t know super well.

Even people who don’t like Halloween are great because they aren’t super vocal or a bummer about it; they just go on with their day like normal. No one says ‘don’t say Happy Halloween’ and you are encourage to politically incorrect.

It’s a day full of fun, magic, and healthy escapism. Simply put, I love Halloween. What is your favorite holiday?

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