Is an Interest in Dia de los Muertos…

…cultural appropriation or cultural appreciation?

This might a hot button issue so if it is I invite you to read with an open mind or just skip it.

Since learning about Dia de los Muerots many years ago I have always had an interest in the subject. I truly appreciate the view on death and how your loved ones can return in a spiritual way. It is a healthy, positive, and productive way to channel grief and feel more connected to those you’ve lost.

I think Dia de los Muertos Altars are some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen for so many reasons. They tell you so much about the deceased and how much they mean to their living relatives. I love that there are items that are on every altar with a meaning. I think it is a wonderful way to put your grief into action and to keep those you love connected to you. It is so much healthier then so many other ways we grieve.

However, the past few years I have felt really guilty over my love of this piece of a culture other then mine. I feel like it’s cultural appropriation and I completely see the point of those who say that but does that mean I can’t feel connected to the practice? I don’t actively practice it, I like to appreciate it and learn about it. Is that not okay because it isn’t my culture? My aim is not offend anyone but rather to pose the question.

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