Father’s Day

After my Mother’s Day post I thought really hard about what I wanted to say in this Father’s Day post. I was hoping to have a male guest writer to give some perspective on this day but since that didn’t happen I am going to give you a bit of what I have observed then a little bit about my father.

Yesterday I overheard a group of adults talking about Father’s Day versus Mother’s Day. The men were commenting how Mother’s Day is a huge celebrating while Father’s Day is just a BBQ. The women then commented that they would love a beach BBQ and joked about switching. As someone working for the public and creating programming for the public these two days have always been given their equal due; one was never more planned for then the other. What do you think?

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad! Honestly, my dad is one of the greatest Dad’s and certainly was meant to be mine. I do believe you are matched with certain people in your life and my Dad was meant to be my Dad. When I wanted to go into museum work he was full supportive and told me I could do it with the right perspective and sacrifices. When I presented my thesis paper he was the only person from my family to attend. This means he sat through a whole presentation about an evaluation on museum volunteer programs – a subject he had little to no interest in. But he was there anyway, asking questions, clapping, and telling me how well I did at the end. That’s my Dad in a nutshell – always, always there. Thanks for holding me up since 1985!

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