Well That Was F*cking Unsettling…

…and right before bed…cool cool cool.

I went to take Marty for his last walk of the night before bed. It’s my least favorite anyway because it’s dark and nobody is out – just kinda creepy. Everything was creepy but normal until we reached the mailbox. I saw a flashlights moving around rapidly around a porch and got a little freaked, but figured someone locked themselves out and needed the spare key from their porch – thus the flashlight because it’s dark. So I talk to Marty (my dog) pretty loudly just they know I am there. This thin, old lady pops out from the bushes so I say ‘Hi.’ She says nothing but shines her flashlight right into my face so I can’t see anything. Marty growls at her and I think to myself ‘physically, I can take this lady is she charges me but I don’t want her to try to hurt Marty or him to get away from me in the process so here goes nothing’ and I ask her if she is okay or if she needs help. She says nothing. So, thinking I have done what I can, I say ‘ok have a good night then. Come on Marty” and I pick him up to keep him close and safe and we walk away. Then I think, I shouldn’t have turned my back to this person because she could run at me and if I don’t see it coming she could get the better of me. I decide to have faith that she wont and continue walking. We made it home safely to firmly lock all the doors – then double and triple check them. It doesn’t sound scary but it felt scary in the moment. That feeling in your gut telling you that it isn’t right and your are in trouble. That feeling that says remove yourself from this situation that burns in your stomach. Still burning actually. Also, I hope she was okay and not trying to rob someone or something. I hope she has a warm place to lay her head tonight. I am glad that I do. I hope I get work soon so that roof over my head continues. Fingers crossed but I am too stressed to dwell on that at the moment.

It was a shit couple of days and hopefully this incident is the last of it. Here’s to a better tomorrow all. Lucky for me, tomorrow is in 40 minutes.