I have a Whole New Type of Anxiety…

…separation anxiety.

Marty has been doing really well adjusting to his new home. The biggest challenge has been that we both have separation anxiety and I probably have it worst then he does. His other two parents are the best co dog parents one could ask for and I still have separation anxiety. I have only had this dog for a week! How do I deal with that?

I think my separation anxiety is giving him separation anxiety. I spend the night at my dudes house and he stayed home with my roommate. He was a little on edge, pacing, barking, scratching, watching the door. He didn’t do this two night ago with her and me gone. He has to be able to stay at the house by himself eventually for a few hours. Dogs are allowed at work and my roommate and my dude and I have all different schedules, but there will be times hes alone for a few hours and he needs to be okay – so do I.

We all just love him so much and he’s so cute! That makes it so easy to cave and give him all the snuggles! So dog mom out there if you have any tips let me know.

Happy National Dog Mom Day!