That 10 Minutes…

…means a lot to me.

On December 26 my brother and I went to get coffee at Dutch Bros and it was just us two. It was only like 10 minutes but it was really, really nice and I am grateful for that ten minutes. He has his own family now and a new close extended family so it’s nice to have some time with him. I am grateful for what he can spare for me. Sorry so short – just what I was thinking about at this moment and there isn’t much more to it then simple gratitude.

“Hey World…

…I’m 35!” -SATC

I had one the greatest birthdays I have had in awhile. It was so full of love and effort. It was exactly what I needed. I got a virtual birthday card from a lot of people and it was SO nice to see them again (organized by my BFF). I cry every time I watch it. I had a party in the park with good views, good people, and good food organized by other BFF/work wife/wine club member partner. I got a massage with my dude. Then we went to Phoenix for the weekend and it was so good to see my family again. Marty (the pup) became part of the pack at my dad’s house, we played cards, we ate about 85% of my Phoenix food (including Dutch Bros twice!), went to happy hours, and just had a great time. I felt really connected to my dude which was great and so, so nice. He moved so much around and worked into the nights to make this birthday trip work. I have never felt more special to him.

It’s truly great to be 35! I can’t wait to see what happens this year (it can hopefully only go better then 2020 right?).

I Have Been Dreaming About One Thing For Months…

…Dutch Bros Coffee-specifically an iced caramelizer.

Sorry if you were hoping for something deeper. This craving has gotten so bad I ordered zero calorie caramel cold brew. For someone who rarely remembers her dreams much after ten minutes post waking up, I find it odd that I can remember dreaming about this coffee almost every night. It’s so random and weird.

Do you think our dreams mean things or are they just a random selection from memories, cravings, and you mind? I am not sure. I always thought dream interpretation was fun but not serious. I’ve never dreamed about the same thing more then once (that I recall) until now.

The only other dream I remember and maybe more vividly as a nightmare I had as a child after visiting a haunted house – and I LOVE HALLOWEEN. But that dream stuck like glue. Does that say something about me? I am sure I had other nightmares but that’s the only one I can close my eyes and recall. It must mean something.

What are your thoughts on dreams?