Why Earth Day…

…kind of aggravates me.

Earth Day is a wonderful concept; everyone takes a day to appreciate this planet and do a little to pitch in. But this is our home and we treat it like a wasteland – so one day of appreciation isn’t going to cut it. I even found myself thinking today ‘I am an environmental educator – I do my part, at least more then others- so I am good.” I am most definitely not good. I need to be a better environmentalist and do more. I don’t mean to disparage the good intentions of the day either – we just need to have those intentions more then one day per year. Even well meaning folks who show up for beach cleanups show up with a bunch of one use plastic bottles. I am like GUYYYYYYS really? Then I go home and drink a Gatorade out of a single use plastic bottle. So, I need to be better for our planet and we can all be better for our planet every day. Make a small change – everyday. All this small changes/drops in the bucket can add up. But we all need to commit to it. Let’s try and take care of our collective home. Earth my be the only truly universal thing we all have in common. If we are going to come together, saving the planet seems like a good place to start. Believe the science y’all. Trust the science. We need to do something now – everyday. Maybe coming together for this common goal could even move the world to work together in other ways too. We should try.

Social media is also not helping. I see these companies posting about earth day and all the great things they are doing. I am sure they are trying a little bit, but you need to show me what your huge company is doing on more then just Earth Day. What are you doing on the regular, even if it cuts into profits. Show me that, and I will be impressed, like and share whatcha got. Posting about it today feels less motivated from good and more motivated to show how great these companies are and how much we should be like them. MMMMM doesn’t ring true to me today.

Sorry for the negativity. Kudos to everyone doing something awesome for the planet today. It’s awesome. Just carry it all year 🙂 I will try to be better too.