I Hate My Teeth…

…almost as much as I hate my past self.

I was indulging in my mini twix yesterday was my tooth zinged in pain. Not good. Ever since anything set’s it off. Hot, cold, sweet, cold air, room temperature water. Not a great sign. Got a dentist appt on Monday. Just hoping it’s a crown and not a root canal. Had my second root canal last month and it sucked way worse then my first one, don’t know why. Tooth placement maybe. Hurt my wallet too. $1200+ with dental insurance. Fuck me, I really don’t want to do this all again so soon. But if you leave dental work it only gets worse. So gonna suck it up and go and take the emotional and financial hit. I am so tired of going to the dentist. And I really like my dentist. That’s why I go to OC still instead of finding one in San Diego. Hard to find a dentist you can trust. Anywho, send good vibes to my wallet and mouth.

I have discovered I have no…

…discernible taste in home decor! OK I do but I cannot afford my taste.

As the days of my roommates departure get closer and closer my apartment is getting emptier and emptier. I thought my consolation of losing a great roommate would be getting to decorate and pick out furniture. The more I look at furniture the more frustrated I get! It’s not fun it’s stressful! It’s all really expensive and anything affordable looks cheap. I have tried consignment stores and they are almost as expensive as the new stuff and look used…like real used. I want to know what has or hasn’t been done on my couch is you get my drift?!

I did find one piece I LOVED! It was a want though not a need because it’s a headboard so it’s purely decorative. That means I can’t buy it. 😦 I found my couch. It is more then I wanted to spend but it’s the first quality looking piece, I like it, and it’s still in the range of affordable. So I will finance that and at least have a place to sit. My dad is giving me a TV for my birthday so he’s basically my hero. I need a TV stand but since I am not getting my TV till my birthday I have some time on that one.

I went looking for a mirror and other wall decor and it’s all so pricey! There are so many other things I need to buy that it just isn’t practical. BUT how does a home feel like a home with blank, sad walls?

So basically I am totally lost with interior design on my budget. It might just take time and finding the right deals? I am remaining optimistic! I will find the right pieces.