Online Dating and Applying for Jobs…

…and what they have in common.

My roommate and I were discussing how getting a job and the current online application process feels a lot like online dating. You search and you search reading detail about profiles or job descriptions. Then you find one you like and seems to fit you, so you apply or swipe right. You do some research on the company, museum or nonprofit you have applied to and learn more about if it’s a good fit. Same with a person you matched with and are considering meeting in person, you google them to assure yourself they are in fact not a serial killer or Trump supporter. Then you finally get the interview or date. You pick out your best looking outfit for the occasion because that really does matter in both situations. You spin yourself to be more desirable to your date or hiring official. You ‘sell’ yourself as the most desirable candidate or dating app contestant, even if some if it is an exaggeration or not quite true – you can learn what you need to on the fly. whether it be a job skill or common hobby with your date. Most first dates feel just like interviews with cocktails. If the first interview or date goes well then you move onto the next round. The second interview is even more important because now you really have to back up the claims you made on the first one. If you said you like football or art museums on this date, you better have some talking points. If you claimed to have a skill for a job you have examples prepared of how you did it in the past and can apply it to this job. If you have proven to each other, your date or the hiring official, that you are a good fit then it’s time to make a choice. Do you dive in or move the next application or bumble conversation.

So let’s say you do dive in. The honeymoon phase applies to both dating and a new job. It’s the dream at first then you move into the real relationship phase or the nitty gritty oh the job. AND somewhere in the back of your mind you are a little worried about losing it (getting fired or dumped). They really do have a lot in common! Have we made it all the same process to feel more comfortable in our decision making? Just food for thought.