I Buy Most of My Clothes…

…at Costco.

The clothes at Costco are cost effective and usually of pretty darn good quality. My pants I have purchased there lasted a lot longer then my designer jeans and they were a lot cheaper. It just makes sense! Also, shopping for clothes is part of what got in financial hot water in my earlier life so I avoid anything too pricey. I will sometimes splurge on a nice purse, but really that is about it on expensive clothing. Shoes are pricier in general and I usually get those on sale too. Honestly, I really gotta like something to pay full price for it. It’s just funny because I will buy folks nice and more expensive presents then I will ever buy myself. I wonder why that mindset is? We have talked about it in the past on this blog – just on my mind. Over the weekend I spent about $600 between birthdays and Christmas. You all know I shop early for Christmas since I can’t take that big a financial hit in one month, nor do I want to. There was some great stuff at Costco that is totally fashionable and functional. (not all the gifts were clothing items – that was mostly for me hahaha). I have never felt less then for this choice. I actually feel pretty good about it. 😉

HOT COSTCO TIP: If you were looking for the Hot Cocoa Bombs last year at Costco but found they were sold out – they are in stock now. Buy them now – great gifts. I was psyched to see them. I bought three boxes hahaha

29 Funny Costco Memes That Any Costco Shopper Will Relate To
So true! Especially for me yesterday.

Being a Long Distance Aunt…

…is fun but difficult.

I have many babies right now that I ma a long distance Aunt too. Some of these are good friends babies and one biological nephew. I talk to them on Facetime and visit when I can (when there isn’t a pandemic). I send gifts when I have the money because I want to be the cool aunt who send them packages. I used to love getting packages in the mail. I know they are babies and don’t quite associate it with me yet, but they will one day! I don’t really consider it buying their affection. It’s just one of the best long distance ways for me to let them know I am thinking about them and love them. I hope their parents know that too.

I do worry though that because I am not physically present most of the time I will be the third rate relative that is just someone mentioned in stories. It’s a side effect of my nomadic lifestyle of adventures. I suppose I can only do what I can do. Hopefully I will be the cool aunt for a long time to come.

So to L, T, E, L and E know that I love you tons.

Charlotte’s Setting Her Own P(e)ace Being a Parent Over the Holidays…

…and how it’s different, but in a great way.

Holidays change when you’re a parent

Christmas 2019 marked our second Christmas with our little one. The first one was kind of a blur as I was only 3 months postpartum but family came to visit  and it was so nice to have them cook a hot meal and do laundry haha

This Christmas we decided to go back to my home state and celebrate with my family. It’s funny how things shift when you become a parent. I was the baby of the family growing up and holidays were so special. My  mom and dad would always leave a gift on my bed, we  had Christmas breakfast of bacon and eggs and crescent rolls. Mom and dad took pictures of my sister and I  opening presents and walking down the stairs while Nat King Cole Christmas cd played in the background. 

Now my mom and dad are the grandparents to my  baby and the  whole focus is making it special for her. Passing on family traditions to my kids and making memories with them too. It’s a different dynamic yes but one that is so much fun and heart warming to see and experience first hand. 

Seeing your fiends and family love your child like they love you is so beautiful . I’m not one to get overly emotional but the holidays are fun in a new light.  My husband and I still exchange gifts and cards but we also take the time to look around and spend it with family and live in the now. The older I get the more I realize how many holiday dinners i complained about or asked  to leave to watch tv or play video games are different now. Now I don’t want to miss a minute of it. 

Being parents over the holidays is like being a kid all over again. You get to run around act silly , make a mess while frosting cookies , rip open presents and sing silly songs out of key all to make your child smile and believe in the magic of Christmas. 

I’m happy to exit center stage and hand it over to my child and let them enjoy it. I’m excited to pass on traditions and also make new ones with my family all in the spirit of writing your own story and your next chapter. 

If you always hated Aunt Sally’s meatloaf on Christmas Day dinner than heck make a new tradition and make beef stew or steaks or baked ziti, don’t feel obligated to carry over ALL the traditions you grew up with. Make sure the ones you pass down to your child make you smile and remember all the fun times growing up with you family when you were a little kid. 

Put down the cell phone, sit back and enjoy your new perspective on the holidays. 

Happy 2020! 

Ho Ho Ho…

…and away we go with Holiday fun…and expectations.

I love the holidays and the holiday season; if you could see my nail polish right now you would have no doubts. I get to see family and friends, eat good food, and look at light displays. It’s my kind of holiday. This year is especially exciting because I get to have Christmas Eve with my dude (complete with quarterly fancy brunch) and dinner with his family. I have secretly always wanted a significant other’s family to spend some holiday time with and be a part of. It’s small but I appreciate it a lot.

While I love this holidays and wouldn’t give them up for anything; they do come with certain expectations that are sometimes hard to meet. The first one I want to discuss is presents. I LOVE giving people gifts. There is nothing better then knowing you got the perfect gift and watching them open it. Unfortunately, my wallet isn’t in agreement with most of gifting plans which just sucks. I don’t want to let people down. Especially since I do 2 Christmases and I need gifts for everyone to open at each Christmas. I don’t have all the gifts I need yet and that’s a bit stressful. Trying really hard not use a credit card with the I’ll pay it off later mentality. Secondly, I am in my home town for a really short period of time this year; 4 days short (not full days on either end with travel). I have people I need and want to spend time with but zero idea how I am going to do it all…without a car….Thirdly, there are so many Christmas things I want to do that I feel like I am stressing my poor dude out hahahaha I want to see Christmas lights, and put up decorations, and watch Christmas movies, and all that jazz. The time period to do it all is SO short though, especially while keeping up my workouts, going away parties, wine parties etc. I am not complaining because I love it all, but I don’t want to stress him out or anyone else around me.

Despite some challenges of the season I am really excited to set my own p(e)ace as best I can this holiday season. What get’s done get’s done and what doesn’t doesn’t. I can’t wait to spend Christmas with my family (especially my nephew), spend Christmas Eve with my love, and do all the fun things I have planned. And of course see the new Star Wars movie – that’s a must.

How are you setting your own p(e)ace this holiday season? Also, I need ideas for presents for the dudes parents – nothing big just a token of my appreciation for raising such a great son.

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