What Energizes Me…

…to keep setting my own p(e)ace.

Life wears everyone down a bit sometimes so I go to thinking about what recharges my batteries on life. When I started really thinking about it I realized it’s pretty small things.

  1. Wine – I am serious. A really good glass of wine can make my whole day better. I am not talking about getting drunker here, I am talking about unwinding with a tasty glass of wine and letting a little warmth wash over you. Most winemakers put a lot of work and care into what they do and I think that makes a difference.
  2. Exercise – to forget your troubles. My brain moves into a different and less busy space when I workout it. Everything else fades away and shuts off. I have never found anything that does this quite as well as exercise.
  3. People- yep ya read that right. People can one of the big things that drains me in a customer service industry but they also restore you. Friends, family, and interesting strangers all offer new and different motivation everyday.
  4. Goals – little ones. Reaching small goals I have set for myself – like paying off my car or saving for a Christmas present or any small goal really. Reaching a small goal fuels me to the next. Drops in the goal bucket add up quick.
  5. Positive Action- help others. Almost nothing makes me feel quite as good as doing something nice for someone. Could be anyone. I donate blood if I am feeling like I need to contribute something good for the universe. I enjoy getting people little presents or doing surprise favors. Just gives me new life.

What energizes you?

It is week number one of me sharing my Ten Tips for Thriving Not Just Surviving When You're Single Longer Than Expected. And this weeks tip is "Find What Energizes You and Pursue it PASSIONATELY"! •  One of the greatest challenges I’ve found in my singleness, is to find what I’m passionate about, other than getting married. I played sports when I was younger, and was involved in different clubs and groups, but I can’t say that any of them were the reason I got out of bed in the morning. •  As a

I Will Spend the Last Four Months of 2019…

…remembering I made mid year resolutions and trying harder to follow them.

I made mid year resolutions about three months ago and then kind of forgot about them. If nothing else I want to be honest in this blog so there’s the truth. I saw a post on Instagram that reminded me of them and I decided it’s time to take a look back and see if they need slight amending to make them more doable.

Here they are:

  1. Put 3% of every paycheck into my savings account
  2. Workout three times a week instead of two – every week
  3. Perform at least three acts of kindness per week
  4. Run Halloween 5K in Spider Gwen gear (my dream is to be an athletic nerd

Updates and Revisions:

  1. I can’t do this…I wouldn’t eat. My revised goal will be to put $20 from every check into my savings.
  2. I have actually been pretty good about this one so it’s staying as is. Two R.I.P.P.E.D. classes a week and at least one day of an hour of walking/some jogging.
  3. Yep – 100% forgot about this one. I still like it so I am going to try harder to remember it.
  4. If you have read the last few posts you know I am still pretty determined to complete this. I will post training photos to keep me on track
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I will take August as a bridge into the end of the year and my best effort to complete my resolutions.

Do you have any end of year resolutions?