A Magical Escape…

…when life and setting my own p(e)ace isn’t working out.

If you follow me on Instagram, setmyownp.e.ace, you know that I went to the Harry Potter Symphony event last night. Beyond having a wonderful time in a beautiful setting with a slytherin I am taking a chance on, I wanted to share what the Harry Potter series means to me.

People tend to think that Harry Potter is a fun following (and it is) but it’s more then that to me. The Harry Potter books have allowed me a world to completely escape to when my real world has been falling apart. When I needed to run from my world and the exhaustion of keeping up with life, I would go to Hogwarts, hunt horcruxes, attend hte Yule Ball, or just hang out with the gang in the common room.

Identifying as a Hufflepuff is actually a really big part of my identity. I consider a huge chunk of my personality and a sort of moral compass. I try to live by the values of loyalty and hard work, offering acceptance to anyone who has ever felt left out. I am quite proud of making this a part of who I am on a daily basis and wearing my Hufflepuff gear proudly when the occasion allows.

I really don’t know what I would have done in those times without Harry Potter and his adventures. So when I get emotional at events like this it’s about more than just being a nerd. I got to share that with someone on Sunday and it was really nice so I wanted to share it with all of you!

What is your go to escape when setting your own p(e)ace is overwhelming?

photo credit: @escapebyreading

I Have to Take Chances…

…or risk missing my p(e)ace.

There is a car in my complex that has a sun shield. It is always up and every time I walk past it I think, ‘wow that’s really wrong’ and feel bad for the person who follows it’s mantra of ‘The safest risk is the one you don’t take.’ You know I want to create a safe space with no judgement but come on. I hope the person who owns it interprets it differently then I do. To never take a risk or a chance though? What kind of life is that?

Along those lines I have decided to fully jump into my latest risk and take a chance on love…again. I have written about this man before and we have been apart for about a month. A week ago today we reconnected and it’s been pretty magical (he is taking me to the Harry Potter symphony event so I thought this word appropriate) ever since. Yesterday I found myself worrying though that it wouldn’t work which is why I think I am just writing about it now. It’s a fair thing to worry about; it’s a scary risk. However, the worry was taking over my brain and making me act weird – so I am letting the worry and fear go. I am a better person for myself and for him without it.

Despite it being a scary leap to take, I have decided to jump in. Jumping in all the way is the only hope it has of working. I am going to do my best to let the fear go and enjoy the here and now of this man and this relationship. There is so much good in it and him and us together that I whole heartedly believe this relationship and time together is worth the risk.

What are you taking a chance on? I want to hear your stories.