Why I Love Museums Day…

…in self quarantine.

I saw online that today is ‘Why I love Museums Day’ which I didn’t know was a thing – you would think I would as I work in museums. It did get my thinking though (also this is my second post for the day so thanks and congrats if ya made it through both) about my line of work and my line of work right now. I LOVE museums. From the moment I walked into one it felt like i fit there. I remember one moment in particular at the Musical Instrument Museum during my internship. I was walking through the education collection, looking for items for something I can’t even remember now, and I knew it was where I fit in the world. It was not my usual museum setting. I am in informal education so usually it’s loud, rushed, and super fast paced fun. At the moment I was in the collections area. It was dark, cold, and so quiet and in that moment it was just reaffirmed to me that I was where I was supposed to be and on the career path I needed to be on. I have that same feeling after any program – not as intense as the start but it’s still there. That is one reason I LOVE museums.

Even today, in this crisis, typing this from my couch without a paycheck – I still love my line of work. It’s work worth doing. Keeping history alive and bringing it alive for others – holding history in your hands – there is NOTHING like it. Having a living collection and protecting and educating about those animals and about the environment feels like I am making small changes to the world through small inspirations. Please, please don’t let museums and nonprofits die in this pandemic – it would be doing the world a diservice. I know we are all in a tough spot, but support them as you can. I promise it’s worth it.