The Little Girls that Live Upstairs…

…have inspired me to have a little imagination to help quell my anxiety.

A family lives in the condo above me and they have three young girls. The weather has been so nice lately that I have had my patio door open. They are often outside on their own patio playing. They play the most imaginative games in a super small space and I find it amazing and inspirational. I was having a rough day after the few hours of work today. I had zero idea what to do with myself. I have worked out 4 times this week, I nominated a very worthy nonprofit founder for an award, the apartment is basically clean (I realized I do need to vacuum under my couch – badly), I have watched most interesting shows on all the avenues, I have started a good book but I don’t want to burn through it in a day. I am sitting here feeling anxious and feeling like I have no outlet, and these three little girls who are basically on top of each other not only get along well but can create these imaginative, intricate games and have so much fun. I think I need to take a page from their book and use my imagination as an adult. So now the question is how?

I am hoping figuring this out helps my occasional anxiety and helps me sleep better at night. I keep stress dreaming and waking up a bunch. So – maybe nap, then figure it out. Has anyone discovered any creative awesome hobby that doesn’t cost too much? I am thinking of getting some crappy old furniture and redoing it to be cooler. I need a dining table and it would be good if it has personality. What’s the worst that happens? I hate it and toss it?

One last fun note about the girls that live above me. The other day it rained glitter down onto my porch. I know it’s messy but it was a bit magical. Thanks for the inspiration and the magical moment.