To All the Postal Workers…


For Black Friday I made a thank you post to retail workers. Now I want to thanks all USPS, Amazon drivers, FedEx, DHL and every other shipping company in existence. Thank you for bringing all my Christmas Cards that bring me so much comfort and joy. Thank you for making sure folks have as many presents and holiday greetings as possible by Christmas and any presents that come after will simply extend the holiday season. Thank you for working long and hard hours to deliver Christmas and all other holidays to people all over the world. Thank you for putting up with the less then kind people who are upset and stressed about presents arriving. Thanks for being awesome! Please know that you are seen an appreciated.

I Buy Most of My Clothes…

…at Costco.

The clothes at Costco are cost effective and usually of pretty darn good quality. My pants I have purchased there lasted a lot longer then my designer jeans and they were a lot cheaper. It just makes sense! Also, shopping for clothes is part of what got in financial hot water in my earlier life so I avoid anything too pricey. I will sometimes splurge on a nice purse, but really that is about it on expensive clothing. Shoes are pricier in general and I usually get those on sale too. Honestly, I really gotta like something to pay full price for it. It’s just funny because I will buy folks nice and more expensive presents then I will ever buy myself. I wonder why that mindset is? We have talked about it in the past on this blog – just on my mind. Over the weekend I spent about $600 between birthdays and Christmas. You all know I shop early for Christmas since I can’t take that big a financial hit in one month, nor do I want to. There was some great stuff at Costco that is totally fashionable and functional. (not all the gifts were clothing items – that was mostly for me hahaha). I have never felt less then for this choice. I actually feel pretty good about it. 😉

HOT COSTCO TIP: If you were looking for the Hot Cocoa Bombs last year at Costco but found they were sold out – they are in stock now. Buy them now – great gifts. I was psyched to see them. I bought three boxes hahaha

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So true! Especially for me yesterday.