It Was the Last Thanksgiving with…

…my family as a unit and I wish someone would have told me.

Thanksgiving is getting near and I have some wonderful plans with my family and friends. I get to go home to Phoenix. It’s going to rain in the desert so I get that wonderful creosote smell. A lot of people have planned a lot of their time in my family to spend the holiday together in shifts. I am thankful for it all, but I can’t help but miss when there was one Thanksgiving dinner with my whole family. I wish someone had told me to savor that last one with the family all together and really soak it in (also the last one that Kellogs made stuffing for but that’s another story).

My last Thanksgiving with my family in tact was when I was 25 (almost a decade ago). I really wish I had known so I could really remember it and soak it in because I don’t. It seems so significant now and didn’t then. I am not saying I don’t enjoy what I have now or that it doesn’t work – I just miss that. Sitting together in the same day in the same meal. I miss not having to plan to equally split my time and arrange several meals. I understand it’s my reality and I don’t even mind it – just miss the original way today.

Is there a time you wish someone would have told you would have been your last time doing something?