Handling My Health…

…to set my own p(e)ace

Health Update! I had my second doctors appointment for the now four weeks of bleeding and finding the cause. We are adding a fun new symptom from the PCOS which is fybroids. But I am getting ahead of myself.

I have been dreading this appointment since I heard the words ‘internal ultrasound.’ I have had an internal ultrasound before so it wasn’t that I didn’t know what to expect…it’s that I did. Internal ultrasounds aren’t super painful but they are incredibly uncomfortable for many reason. 1) The obvious: a rod is going up you 2) I mean really up you 3) WTF is that in me?! Although one cool thing was that the ultrasound image was projected on a TV so I could see it. It was pretty cool. Did I have any idea what I was looking at? No, but it was still a nice distraction

The doctor came in and asked why we did the ultrasound again…okay she’s busy. She then fired off some information I didn’t understand and basically ran out the door before I could really even ask questions. I am thinking I need a new doctor – not due to lack of skill but you can’t ramble medical stuff at me and run out the room.

So no cysts on the ovaries! Yay! Unfortunately, I now have many fybroids on my uterus, but they are small which is good. I am trying a temporary new regimen of my birth control pill to control the symptoms (stop the bleeding). I am little frightened that upping my BC pill, even temporarily, might make me a bit nuts for a few days. Maybe I will just put myself on a time out to ensure that the only other person affected, if it happens, is me. If that doesn’t work I get an IUD

So my adventures with PCOS continue. I am sharing this saga with PCOS and myself for the same reason I share my journey in therapy – I am not ashamed because it’s a part of my life. I have to address it all to take care of me and set my own p(e)ace. Own what you’re dealt, taking care of, and be damn proud you’re handling your business! So cheers to all those handling their business. Cheers!