Role Models in the Public Eye…

…setting their own p(e)ace.

After posting about my new crush yesterday and how much I enjoyed and related to his honesty about his mental illness not being mental weakness, I decided to share my role models that are in the public eye and using their platform positively. I highly recommend checking out their Instagram and other platforms. I have many, many and it will take a few posts to share them all, but I hope you enjoy this first one.

Jameela Jamil @jameelajamilofficial

I first became of fan am Jameela Jamil’s by watching the Good Place. I was told by a friend to follow her social media because she was really inspiring. She is! She shares her experiences and stories on a variety of topics including eating disorders and birth control. She is unapologetically herself and I love it. She an inspiration to tell your story and stand up for what you believe and live by it.

Wil Wheaton @itswilwheaton

I have been in love with Wil Wheaton since he was Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: Next Generation. Putting this life long love aside, Wil Wheaton is an advocate for being yourself no matter what and not allowing anyone to tell you it’s wrong. I saw his talk at a comicon in Phoenix and he was talking about being your kind of nerd. Don’t let anyone take your identifier of ‘nerd’ if you aren’t nerdy about what they are (he used Dr. Who as an example). I related to this statement soooo much! He is also very open about sharing his battle with depression. He is one to admired.