Role Models In the Public Eye…

John Krasinski

If you know me, you know that John Krasinski is one of my all time biggest celebrity crushes. I went to see a scary movie (never do that) because he wrote, directed, and starred in it. His marriage with Emily Blunt is my goal in relationships. Obviously he was great as Jim in the office, but none of that matters in this particular selection. During all this crazy stuff he made a segment called ‘Some Good News’ to talk about the good that is still happening in the world. It made my laugh and cry (good cry). His new hero was a young girl who just completed chemo and he had her on the show. I needed some good news in my life so sincerely – Thank You John Krasinski for bringing it to me and everyone else who watched it. Spread the good.

Additionally, I love that the background was made by his girls.