Cancellation of the NYC Marathon…

…and my hopes that the Thanksgiving Day Parade doesn’t follow.

Another example of me being selfish – or just voicing my own wants – one of those two things. The Thanksgiving Day Parade is one of my favorite Thanksgiving Day Traditions. It’s a center of celebration and joy for not only those in NYC in person but those who watch it. It’s coming together and taking a minute to appreciate the day with those you love around you. It feels good. The Christmas season can’t really start until you see Santa Claus at the end of the Thanksgiving Day Parade. I look forward to it and it brings me joy. I hope they find a way to have it. I am thinking of it now because of the cancellation of the NYC marathon. I know there are bigger issues to be thinking of but that is what has been on my mind.

All These Silly, Made Up Holidays…

…aren’t so silly in my opinion.

Today is World Ocean Day and National Best Friend Day. I have heard these days called ‘stupid’ or ‘silly’ but I think they are fun. They give you a reason to think of your best friend or eat donuts or celebrate the ocean. Why can’t they just be fun. This goes along with my disliking the term basic – have some fun and like what you like. Take these holidays as a fun thing and roll with it or ignore them.

There are definitely more important things happening in the world right now then these holidays but you gotta find your joy somewhere and today mine was found in the goofy holidays.

What is your favorite ‘made up’ holiday? (p.s. Donut Day actually has a cool history complete with donut lassies – I wonder how many more do to?